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8 Steps to All-Star Achievement
on and off the court.

Book - Don't Talk About It . . . Be About It!

Pro Basketball Player, Trainer, Actor, Keynote Speaker, and now Author!

ISBN 978-1-60458-388-5

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Calendar Event:

Jan 14 -17th, 2010

Spud Webb and Titus Warmsley basketball clinic in Casper, Wyoming
(see photos)

Aug 6th to 9th, 2009

Titus Warmsley, Guest Speaker
at the NCAA Summer Conference in Kansas City. This Conference consists of the top 9th -12th high school basketball players both academically and athletically in the country. Sponsored by the NCAA/NBA.  www.ncaafirstteam.org

Titus Warmsley NCAA Halftime Interview During LSU vs. ULL Game

youtubelogo See Titus's Interview with Matt Williams on WAFB

youtubelogo See Titus's clip from "The Glory Road"


Don't Talk About It...Be About It!

8 Steps to all-star achievement... on and off the court.


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We all want success
we all want to be great.


But few of us master the techniques that allow us to grow into our maximum potential.  Why is that?  Simple—we talk about being great, but we fail to convert our words into a vision that we actively pursue.  Said differently, we Talk About It, but we stop working to Be About It. 


As humans, each of us are engineered for success and endowed with the seeds of greatness.  We often talk ourselves out of success not because we stop wanting it, but because we let setbacks, discouragement and obstacles blur the vision of accomplishment.  We then find excuses for why we didn’t achieve our goals, rather than re-focusing our efforts on Becoming what we Talk About.


I want to help you change that.  My philosophy of Don’t Talk About It...Be About It  is designed to equip you with the practical tools you need to achieve success.  I’ve broken down achievement into an 8-step method that shows you the step-by-step way to re-train your brain into becoming achievement-minded such that you’ll stop Talking About It... and start Being About It.


My 8 step method was designed to meet the mental preparation needs of athletes, teens and parents to achieve success on the court, on the field, on the track.  But the effectiveness of these techniques extends beyond the court or playing field and into every-day life.  I can help you get locked into the right goal—get past excuses help you focus on goals that matter so you can begin to live life as it was meant to be lived.


You can access my 8 step method in two ways:


1.   Get a copy of my book Don’t Talk About It... Be About It; or

2.   Reserve personal training time with me where I teach you these skills individually or as a group.


The information on this website is designed to give you the insight you need to begin the process of change. 


Remember, what ever you do, Don’t Talk About It... Be About It!



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